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No. J2K102

"Experience the drama of the Bible brought to life!" Yes, the word "drama" is exactly what comes to mind when you look at this advertisement. Imagine when guests come to your house and see this 20-inch Jesus doll pouring a plastic straw with the end tinted red into a miniature clay pot. They will be taken back by the drama of Jesus' first miracle. No doubt.

The advertisement reads, "Renowned artist Titus Tomescu has reverently sculpted Jesus of fine porcelain, with a prayerful countenance and strong, work-worn hands. The water jugs are real clay pots, with a clear resin 'stream of water turning into wine' that enhances the image's already dramatic appearance."

I tell ya, I think that descriptive text does more to "enhance the image's already dramatic appearance" than do the bendy straw stream and the strong, work-worn doll hands made of porcelain. And the real drama comes when you check out the price tag. $99.95!

Sweet deal! But is it really a Jesus collectibles ad or is it the poster for the next box office smash from comedian Carrot Top?

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