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No. J2K1-11

Aaah, let us return to that touchy discussion about certain races displaying certain corresponding Jesii in their homes. It's safe to guess a Caucasian, Christian family will sooner hang an image of a blue-eyed, pale-skinned Saviour than they would a more darkly complected Lord. But, what exactly do cats hang beside their own litter boxes and scratching posts? I think we have our answer, pictured here.

I am especially fond of the crucified fluffball with a loincloth over his private kitty parts. The kitten jesus nestled in the center of the picture is also quite precious if you like that sort of thing. The Last Supper, pictured at the bottom, clearly involves Fancy Feast.

All this aside, I could have told you that Jesus was a cat. He's purrrfect in every way.

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